"I got to experience SPRY with Lorna and Mary at the end of March. As an avid member of the Crossfit community, I also love to do Yoga to stretch the muscles out. SPRY was that perfect low impact challenge to add in balance and an even deeper stretch with the resistance of a very light kettlebell.  A great class for any beginner and those who have been practicing yoga for years. With being the Community and Events Leader at Athleta on the Upper West Side, I had to bring this class to the shop. We had a great response from the clients and everyone loved the workout. We are putting SPRY back on our calendar and already have people e-mailing to sign up again!"

-Ashley Rodrigues - Athleta Shop, New York

“As professional performer, I choose my exercises very carefully. SPRY intrigued me. It is a true body mind workout. SPRY prevents mindless, sloppy moves by introducing the game of balance. It also keeps the mood light by a great music selection. This flow demands the full engagement of the body and, as a result, creates increased joint stability, concentrated mind and an uplift throughout the body lines. I love SPRY!”

-Julia Kulakova, creator of Femme Vitale and NY Gypsy Dance Workout

“My experience with the SPRY class is that it improves flexibility, strength and balance. The addition of a low weight kettlebell enhances the benefits of the class in a gentle way. The combination of yoga and using a light weight is unique and I noticed improvement in my balance by the second class. I look forward to the next classes!”

-Dr. Gail Bauchman

“With SPRY I was surprised how a very light weight was able to add such a different dynamic to a workout class. Plus the Kettlebell made the yoga flow unique from any other yoga class I have taken.”

-Shoshana Rudnick

"This morning, I took a SPRY class with Mary Horne and Lorna Kleidman. I used to enjoy yoga, but it's been a long time. I'm generally active but I showed up today a little wary and wondering if 20+ years of arthritis, inflexibility and chronic pain would get in the way of my being able to keep up. Worries unnecessary. Completely. Forty Zen-minutes in, I was saying to myself "This is the best thing I've done for my body in a really long time." With every repetition my joints and muscles quietly, happily liberated themselves and happy danced inside my body. The go-at-your-own-pace-ness let me challenge myself in thoughtful, baby-step ways. I left happy, sweaty and feeling strong, loose, open and a little weak-kneed (but in a good way). I'm no morning person unless it's what's left of the night before. This is totally worth getting up at 6am and traveling 90 minutes to get there. Can't wait to go back!"

-Tracy Hyter-Suffern

"SPRY offers a challenging yoga flow that provides all the benefits of yoga in addition to added joint stability. Get a complete fitness experience in less than an hour! SPRY serves all fitness levels, as movements can be modified."

-Barabra Sroka, Yoga Instructor

“Just wanted to say thank you for hosting the SPRY class at Athleta recently. I thought it was fantastic! I never thought I would break a sweat in a yoga class, but it was challenging and fun at the same time! Please let me know when and where the classes will be going forward, as I would love to attend regularly. Thanks!”

-Melanie Silverman

“At first, I saw this as a workout - yoga with an added challenge. But it's become a mix of both over time. I've developed a greater awareness and stronger sense of focus/attention to my body's movements and breathing. The lightweight helps me stabilize and is really like an extension of my body and has improved my alignment in poses and overall posture.”

-Tricia Flores