SPRY = Strength - Power - Resistance - Yoga

We feel there are aspects of yoga that could benefit from a single light weight, namely the engagement of arm, shoulder and hip stability, rotation, balance and oppositional lengthening.

SPRY represents Strength, Power, Resistance, Yoga

We’ve stripped away some of the complexity of traditional yoga and replaced it with a different element of challenge and body awareness. The essence of SPRY is the weaving of movements together in a unique way, like a dance, encouraging new awareness, long lines, stability and cardio.

The SPRY experience incorporates playlists that range from world to lounge music that set the mood with lush textures and intoxicating tones.

The workout was created to satisfy all levels of yoga and fitness, and can also be fulfilled without the weight.

The perfect body, whatever that means, is not the focus at SPRY. Instead, the motivation is on being present with yourself and discovering YOUR perfection. SPRY is inclusive, while at the same time we honor that the workout isn’t for everyone.

We invite you to move beyond….
We invite you to be present…
We invite you to become part of the SPRY Nation.

About Lorna Kleidman & Mary Horne

Lorna Kleidman is a highly decorated International athlete, Certified Personal Trainer and sport coach, former massage therapist in private practice, and author, with a Bachelors in Sports and Health Science. Lorna has presented at ECA Conferences as well as Canyon Ranch locations. Lorna is the founder of KettleX® Fitness and Education and founder/co-creator of SPRY®.

Mary Horne is a classically trained former professional ballet and modern dancer. Post-dance career, she’s turned to her true passion of health and fitness. Mary is a 700-hour RYT and Certified Personal Trainer. She teaches both group classes and in private settings in NYC and leads retreats worldwide. Mary is the National Director for Mind/Body programs for Bootcamp Republic, as well as the co-creator of SPRY®.