Why Use Resistance?

We feel there are aspects of yoga that could benefit from a single light weight, namely the engagement of arm, shoulder and hip stability, rotation, balance and oppositional lengthening. We’ve stripped away the complexity of traditional yoga but added a different element of challenge to basic yoga. The essence of SPRY is the weaving of movements together in a unique way. SPRY workouts manipulate the weight so it serves as both resistance and assistance to meet the demands of various levels. The workout can also be fulfilled without the weight.

So it's Yoga With a Kettlebell?

Well, that’s like describing ice cream as simply frozen cream and sugar. SPRY Yoga is an experience, a sophisticated marriage that reaches beyond typical yoga sessions. It’s yoga with the added benefit of resistance via a kettlebell, but used in a unique way.

Do I Need Experience in Either Yoga or Kettlebells to Do the Workout?

No, you don’t. If you’re new to yoga, we recommend a few sessions without the weight in order to become familiar with the flow. Many accommodations and progressions are offered throughout the SPRY workout so all levels are satisfied. No prior kettlebell experience is needed, as it’s not a kettlebell workout. If your goals are strength and power, try the KettleX DVD's.

Can I Use a Dumbbell instead?

The shape of the kettlebell allows for more dynamic movement patterns than a dumbbell. Think of the way you can hold a purse or knapsack in a variety of positions. For this reason, SPRY Yoga was designed for use with a kettlebell.

Who Can Get Certified?

The SPRY Yoga certification course is open to certified yoga instructors or fitness professionals who have taken yoga classes for one-year minimum or approximately 50 hours of class time at an intermediate level.

Where Can I Find Information Regarding Certification Courses?

For more information on upcoming certification courses, click here.